Meet the Team

Matt DeJohn

Academy Director - Tour Coach

Matt has been recognized by  GOLF DIGEST for being one of the Best Young Teachers in American and for being a Top Teacher in the State of Florida. He is regarded as one of the top elite junior golf coaches in the world. His students are from all corners of the world.  He is an expert in golf techniques, motor learning, skill development and peak performance coaching. His mission is to help give golfers of all levels the direction they need to play their best golf and achieve their goals.  The results from all the student’s that have gone through his development programs speak for themselves.

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Phone: 315-398-2415 <br>
Instagram: @Mattdejohngolf 

Mike Berger,PGA

Head PGA Professional and Director of Player Development

Mike is a 12 year coaching veteran and has always been a student of the game.  He uses his vast knowledge and experiences from his junior, collegiate and professional playing careers to help develop high level players.  He is proficient with technologies such as TrackMan, FlightScope, SAM Puttlab, and V1.  He also uses the DECADE golf system and statistical analysis to help players learn to manage themselves around the golf course.  His competitive nature combined with a passion for the game reflects on his students and their success. Using a systematic approach, Mike can identify weaknesses and apply solutions to any part of a player’s game to see faster results. 

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Phone: 772-519-6868