Gap Year Program

Is A Gap Year Right For You.....?

COVID-19 has created many challenges for Senior & Juniors looking to play college golf.   The NCAA put in place a recruiting dead period that began on March 13, 2020 and will not be lifted until June 1, 2021.    This made it very difficult for coaches to find new players for their programs and feel comfortable making scholarship offers to recruits.    

On top of the inability to travel to recruit high school players, or for that player to travel to the campus.   The NCAA also granted additional years of eligibility to players already in college.    This also reduced the number of scholarships available to players coming out of high school!    

Lastly,  there are still countries and states where covid-19 is heavily effecting players ability to play tournaments, travel, and other ways to allow them to  increase exposure.   

Our full time Gap Year program, will help you navigate the now overcrowded recruiting process and get the player the most prepared to go off to college.    Player’s in this program will play a highly competitive tournament schedule that will give them high exposure to college coaches.  In addition, they will be training like professional golfers for an entire year.

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