Junior Academy

Elite Junior Program

Matt’s Full-Time Elite Junior Coaching Program is designed for junior golfers looking to play golf at the collegiate and professional level. His high performance training model focuses on technical development, skill development, course management, and setting the standard for a high performance mindset preparing students to compete at the highest level.  The program consists of laying out an individual progression plan specific to each student while monitoring and tracking the player’s progression every step of the way.  Students will improve their skills and techniques through this program.  Students will also learn to self-diagnose and correct while competing, how to practice to maximize improvement, and how to property set goals and commit to the process.  In addition, students will learn how to manage emotions and form and on course strategies along with developing club head speed to hit the ball longer. 

  • Matt’s Short-Time Elite Junior Coaching Program is designed for junior golfers looking to play golf at the collegiate and professional level and a condensed version of his full time program.  Student’s will begin with an evaluation of all parts of their golf games.  After their evaluation Matt and the student work to form a progression plan focused around technical development and skill acquisition.  The student will leave with an understanding of how to properly practice and a plan for improvement.   Instruction from throughout the students time will also be tracked and a summary provided at the end.  The student will also leave a binder that includes 50+ drills, and technical principles to help them plan, organize, and problem solve their practice on their own.
  • Matt organizing, supervising, and training each students practice Monday-Friday.
  • A minimum of 15 hours of instruction per week from Matt
  • Student’s progression being monitored and tracked daily
  • Intensive skill development drills and exercises
  • Playing lessons going over proper course strategy based on statistical analysis
  • Technical competence with every part of the student’s game
  • Tournament planning, scheduling, and prepping
  • College golf recruiting assistance
  • Access to Matt’s private online academy and library
  • Matt caddying and tournament travel by request to top junior events


Morningside Academy is now in its third decade of providing quality Christian education with excellence. At Morningside Academy, your child will receive an excellent academic foundation coupled with Christian character training. Their dedicated teachers – all credentialed with four-year degrees – provide instruction, discipline, and guidance to prepare your child for success in the future. 

Morningside’s requirements for graduation are higher than the State requirements. They are recognized by the NCAA and will ensure that all student-athletes fulfill their NCAA core class requirements.

 For 11th and 11th graders, Morningside also offers dual enrollment classes ON CAMPUS which allows students to get a head start on earning college credits. 

Local After School Junior Program

FItness and Athletic Developement

Our fitness program will be conducted by Barwis Methods and is highly customizable to fit every players athletic development needs!  

BARWIS is a holistic human performance company set on delivering top quality service to its clients throughout the process of helping them achieve their goals and maximize their potential. Built upon three core pillars of GRIT, SCIENCE, and FAMILY, Mike and the BARWIS staff have assisted thousands of collegiate, Olympic, and professional athletes claim their spot among the world’s elite. Additionally, the unparalleled BARWIS Neurological Reengineering Program continues to help countless individuals regain motor function by training the brain to locate, activate, and control muscle fibers.

Service Offer Includes

  • Physical assessment
  • Onsite Physical Therapy
  • Group Golf Specific Training 2 days per week
  • Personal Training Programs
  • Recovery Protocols and advanced equipment

full time housing and recommendations

The Matt DeJohn Golf Academy offers a variety of Housing options for full time students.   Students will either live with other students of similar age and a house parent or be placed with a local family.  The house parents or family will provide 3 meals a day to the students, transportation to school and golf course, and frequent trips to local shopping.

Post Grad and gap year students will have the option to live separately with other post grad students. 



FULL TIME HOUSING COST:  Approx. $2040 a month depending on arrangement